The Principle

The brain and body work together through the central nervous system comprised of neurons and neuropathways. This entire system relies on our senses to gather information from the world around us and transmit it to the brain through these pathways. Immature neural development, chronic stress, and traumatic events can produce inefficiencies in neuropathway communication.

Over time, inefficient communication between the brain and body can lead to compensation. These compensations can be identified in the SPECTRUM of neurologic inefficiencies found in ASD, learning differences, ADHD and neuro development disorders and many others. These patterns can persist long after the event making an individual hyper-responsive to future situations.

Neuro-fit is able to address a number of issues by taking a very fundamental approach, utilizing the neurobiologic movement-based protocol developed by James M. Costello called Functional Neuromotor Activation Technique™ (FNAT™).

The Process

All human beings follow a similar growth path. A specific sequence of stage related body movements facilitates the activation and growth of connections between the brain and the body.

As we progress through these movement sequences, neural connections mature taking us to the next level of neurologic efficiency.

FNAT™ is built upon this neurobiological process. The program utilizes the specific stage related sequential movements known to facilitate neural activation and maturation. In turn, outcomes can be seen as an increase in movement, cognitive and processing efficiency. Since the brain has the ability to grow and change throughout ones lifespan, we can apply FNAT™ to activate neural connections naturally and organically at any age.

The Program

Our initial program is 12 weeks, consisting of two 50-55 minute sessions per week, a midway and transition evaluation.