What is FNAT?

Neuro-fit® delivers an intervention called Functional Neuromotor Activation Technique™ (FNAT™). FNAT™ is a one-on-one protocol that utilizes specific movement sequences designed to improve how the brain receives, processes, and organizes information. It does so by taking a very fundamental approach based on neurology and human development. We know the brain and body are deeply intertwined with both motor and cognitive milestones developing simultaneously. Movement of the body and its use of senses are the key means by which the brain experiences the world and grows. Inefficiency in the way the brain and body communicate as well as any chemical, emotional, physical or environmental stimuli can cause the brain to perceive stress.

When the brain experiences stress, a protective response activates within the brain to help restore order. When this response is activated consistently over time, the structures and function of the brain will actually begin to change and compensate. While the brain can adapt to stress, it can also adapt to reorganize due to the brain’s ability to grow new neural connections throughout one’s lifespan. Based on this understanding of the relationship between the brain and body, the brains perception of stress, and the brain’s ability to undergo chang, FNAT™ is able to fortify neural connections at any age. It has been applied and had success working with a variety of individuals from children with autism to professional athletes. For a deeper explanation and references click here.