Who We Help

Majority of our clients are those experiencing stressors that include but are not limited to:

ADD/ADHD - Autism/ASD - Developmental Delay - Asperger's

Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) - PDD-NOS - Learning Disabilities

PTSD - Depression - Anxiety Disorders - Memory Challenges

In addition, a number of our clients don't fit within the traditional diagnostic criteria as noted above. They may experience difficulty with variations in intensity and severity in life skill areas such as:

Behavioral Transition - Fine and Gross Motor Control

Balance - Eye Teaming - Crossing Mid-line

Ataxia - Coordination - Focus and Concentration

Motor Planning & Sequencing - Spatial Awareness

While the majority of our client base fit within the aforementioned criteria, Neuro-fit isn't limited or restricted to the elements listed above. We also work with amateur, college, and professional athletes, students, and clients looking to improve their neurologic performance.